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Honking Good Fun

This had me laughing out loud, and is most therapeutic if the Christmas season has got your spirits down... These guys hide oversized locomotive-style air horns on their cars and ride around, tooting them around unsuspecting "victims"! Note that you need to hear the sound track to fully appreciate this.

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Snowball Fight 2009

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Climb On ‘Board the Soul Train!

As usual, I couldn't resist...

Hope you enjoy it (for as long as it lasts...)!


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Jowls – a 1975 Jaws movie trailer parody

Remember the movie JAWS???

I didn't know this, but apparently it has been recast as "JOWLS" with new actors... They are, in order of appearance, Elijah (Cody), Gage (Squints), and Rahim (Cooper)...

Note this is only for family/actor entertainment purposes only! (Notice to the grown-ups: The brown bottle is actually Root Beer and the rifle is a cap gun... haha)

Hope you enjoy it!
(P.S. You may need to open the full post to view the video...)

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The cast has returned!

I was pretty disappointed when the 'Snowball Fight' video that I had created was found to be corrupted on the Jib Jab web site. That was one of my all-time favorites...

It's no substitute, but 'tis the Season once again and here goes for 2008:

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