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Jowls – a 1975 Jaws movie trailer parody

Remember the movie JAWS???

I didn't know this, but apparently it has been recast as "JOWLS" with new actors... They are, in order of appearance, Elijah (Cody), Gage (Squints), and Rahim (Cooper)...

Note this is only for family/actor entertainment purposes only! (Notice to the grown-ups: The brown bottle is actually Root Beer and the rifle is a cap gun... haha)

Hope you enjoy it!
(P.S. You may need to open the full post to view the video...)

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Elijah’s 2009 Baseball Schedule Added to Calendar Page

As mentioned in my last post, Elijah's 2009 Baseball Schedule, I have just added Eli's baseball games and practices to the Calendar page.

Now upcoming games and practices will appear in the rightmost sidebar under Today's Events and Upcoming Events.

While viewing the Calendar page, hovering your mouse over an event will pop up a description of it. For some of these, such as baseball games, I have linked the event to the full schedule, so clicking on it will take you to a PDF version of the Dover Elks 2009 games and practice schedule.

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Elijah’s 2009 Baseball Schedule

Yes, it's that time of year again, and baseball has begun! Elijah is on the Cal Ripken Minor League, playing for the Dover Elks.

I've put together a game and practice schedule in PDF format that you may download here. The field locations are links that you can click on to get directions to each field, in case you're not familiar with them. If I have time, I will populate the Calendar page with these events as well.

You can view the schedule, standings, or game results online at eteamz.com.

His first game is versus Blier Flooring this Saturday, April 25th at 3:00 PM at Sullivan Field in Dover.

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Eli’s last sets of football photos are available

Eli's football photos

Eli's football photos

Just a quick note here that I have posted Eli's last football photos on the Photos Page.

Note to view the pictures I have reverted to a password protected page, so logging-in is no longer necessary. For those of you who have had password access before, it is the same; if you would like access, just send me a quick email by clicking here.

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The Green Fighting Irish had a great season…

Well, the football season is officially over for the Green Fighting Irish. On Sunday, the Black Panthers A team took the Championship from the Green Fighting Irish, 22-0. The Irish B team managed a 14-0 shutout of the Panthers B team in their game.

Some of the 12 year olds will continue the season playing in "pro-bowl" games and such...

Samai and I (as well as I'm sure his Mema, Pepa, and Dad) and are very proud of Eli for really improving overall as a player this year, for his commitment to the sport, and for not complaining, even when it was hot out or he was tired. The most impressive thing was the fact that several coaches made positive comments about Eli, and at different times throughout the season.

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