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Cell Modem Tethering

"Smart" phones are cool. Phones like the iPhone or BlackBerry let you install both free and paid applications on them that provide some cool or useful (hopefully both) functionality. Let me point out one of the most popular phrases of 2009 (according to a University of Princeton survey): "There's an app for that" -Apple, referring to their iPhone. And cool it is...

Over the past decade, there have been many technological changes, from the prevalence of PDAs to laptops to Netbooks to Smart Phones. Look out, because I don't think things are done evolving quite yet. There are plans for a multi-touch tablet computer revolution. Could we see an end of the computer "mouse" as we know it?

tether for PC

tether for PC

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“Modem Tethering” Using Your Cell Phone

I found a link recently to an article about using your cell phone with your laptop (or desktop PC in a pinch) to get on the Internet. Maybe you're traveling and you can't find a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby, or you don't want to pay extra for Wi-Fi access somewhere, or maybe you can't afford to drop the money on a new wireless broadband card and services fees for your laptop.

If this sounds like you, then check out this article: How-To Roundup: Modem Tethering. Scroll to the bottom to select your phone type and download the appropriate software for free. (Note that you need to have a data plan with your cell service provider.)

The instructions worked out great for me and my Motorola V3m phone...

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