Eli’s baseball photos

Click on the link below to view or save the full size image. Photo from the 2008 Cal Ripken Small Minor League, team ZMJ Advertising.


Eli 2008 baseball MVP photo with team

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It’s still official, just a little farther away…

OK, so the date has officially been changed to May 16th, 2009. With all the church paperwork, counseling and retreat, etc., as well as planning everything for the reception, we wanted to allow enough time so that we weren't rushed.

The wedding will either be a St. Joseph's or St. Charles' church in Dover, with a reception afterward (with a DJ and dancing) at the Dockside Restaurant in York Harbor, ME. It should be a great time!


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Break dancing anyone ?

Breakin' is baaaaaaack!

JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

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Snowball fight!!!

Snowball Fight was baaaaaaaaack!

Well, it was at one point, but now the faces are gone.... better humor to follow...


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Happy Birthday to Michael!!!

My nephew Michael officially turned 9 on Sunday December 2nd...

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Uh ba geeba to Michael...
Happy Birthday to you!

- Uncle Dan

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