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Jowls – a 1975 Jaws movie trailer parody

Remember the movie JAWS???

I didn't know this, but apparently it has been recast as "JOWLS" with new actors... They are, in order of appearance, Elijah (Cody), Gage (Squints), and Rahim (Cooper)...

Note this is only for family/actor entertainment purposes only! (Notice to the grown-ups: The brown bottle is actually Root Beer and the rifle is a cap gun... haha)

Hope you enjoy it!
(P.S. You may need to open the full post to view the video...)

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Welcome to 2009 – Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year for 2009!

May this year be the best ever of your lives, and may you achieve any and all of your resolutions, whatever they may be (hopefully positive)!

Here are some things I pray/wish for:

  • to see the economy recover
  • to pull out of Iraq completely (and successfully)
  • to have the unemployment rate drop to an all-time low, and
  • in general to see the good ol' USA recover it's position of being a respected super-power in the world once again...

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The cast has returned!

I was pretty disappointed when the 'Snowball Fight' video that I had created was found to be corrupted on the Jib Jab web site. That was one of my all-time favorites...

It's no substitute, but 'tis the Season once again and here goes for 2008:

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Find web content that has been “taken down” or deleted

I was minding my own business today and looking at some links on my "Web" page when I realized that Stella, Zack and Rocko's Home Page on AOL Homepages had been taken down.

Back in the late 90's/early 2000's, I had AOL for my Internet access (dial-up). On the free space I got with an AOL user name, I had a created a simple page that had a picture of my 3 cats at the time, along with some comments about them. What I learned today when visiting the link, was that as of October 31, 2008, the AOL Homepages service is no longer in operation.

Determined to find some hidden, cached copy of my old (and mind you, not that valuable at all) stuff, I Googled the URL to no avail. There weren't even any cached copies of the page listed. It seems that Google only maintains cached copies of pages that currently exist. Of course, this does make sense, but didn't help me in the least...

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Some interesting electoral college facts…

I have often wondered why we need the electoral college in this country.
It seems like an unnecessary step and cost to the taxpayers. Sometimes a state will spend all of its electoral votes on the state's popular vote results, and other times a state may choose to pro-rate their electoral votes depending on the voting percentages of the popular vote.

Confused? I was (and frankly, I still am).

Seems like although for the most part, in the voting history of the United States, the electoral votes have been cast in accordance with the popular vote. However, depending on the state, there can be rather strict or very loose requirements on the voting practices of the electoral college.

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