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Elijah’s 2010 Baseball Schedule and Info

Cal Ripken Baseball

This year, Elijah is playing in the Cal Ripken Minor (9/10) Division, for Team 4 - Formax, and I will be Assistant-coaching for the first time!

Visit the Calendar page or check out the sidebar for announcements about upcoming and today's games and events.

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Cell Modem Tethering

"Smart" phones are cool. Phones like the iPhone or BlackBerry let you install both free and paid applications on them that provide some cool or useful (hopefully both) functionality. Let me point out one of the most popular phrases of 2009 (according to a University of Princeton survey): "There's an app for that" -Apple, referring to their iPhone. And cool it is...

Over the past decade, there have been many technological changes, from the prevalence of PDAs to laptops to Netbooks to Smart Phones. Look out, because I don't think things are done evolving quite yet. There are plans for a multi-touch tablet computer revolution. Could we see an end of the computer "mouse" as we know it?

tether for PC

tether for PC

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Honking Good Fun

This had me laughing out loud, and is most therapeutic if the Christmas season has got your spirits down... These guys hide oversized locomotive-style air horns on their cars and ride around, tooting them around unsuspecting "victims"! Note that you need to hear the sound track to fully appreciate this.

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Snowball Fight 2009

JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

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Comments are now permitted without log-in

Just an FYI that I have experimentally lifted the requirement that only logged-in users may submit comments. I am testing some reCaptcha functionality, which requires you to re-type the text that appears in an image (usually 2 words). So now, comments require a name, e-mail address and possibly the provision of the correct reCaptcha terms.

If you decide to log in, you can disregard these requirements altogether...

Depending on how much spam I get, I will decide on whether to leave the settings as such or to revert them to the log-in requirement. Please be patient, and as always, please feel free to comment if you have something interesting/useful to add to any posts.

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