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Google Chrome Rivals Mozilla Firefox

I never thought the day would come when I would consider replacing my Mozilla Firefox browser shortcuts with those of a different web browser, but it finally has. One of the best features of Mozilla Firefox (to me) is and has been its extensibility via add-ons that extend the browser capabilities, like capturing part of a web page to an image and being able to annotate and save it, or bookmarks synchronization, or printing only certain parts of a web page in order to save paper and ink.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

About a year ago, I surveyed the Google Chrome web browser. At the time, I had made a small investment in Firefox and a group of add-ons and extensions that I regularly use and like. I couldn't find similar ones for Google Chrome, but was impressed with how fast it opened and loaded web pages. It may have even been in beta, but I didn't feel that it was ready for migration to a main web browser at the time.

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Welcome to 2009 – Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year for 2009!

May this year be the best ever of your lives, and may you achieve any and all of your resolutions, whatever they may be (hopefully positive)!

Here are some things I pray/wish for:

  • to see the economy recover
  • to pull out of Iraq completely (and successfully)
  • to have the unemployment rate drop to an all-time low, and
  • in general to see the good ol' USA recover it's position of being a respected super-power in the world once again...

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Some interesting electoral college facts…

I have often wondered why we need the electoral college in this country.
It seems like an unnecessary step and cost to the taxpayers. Sometimes a state will spend all of its electoral votes on the state's popular vote results, and other times a state may choose to pro-rate their electoral votes depending on the voting percentages of the popular vote.

Confused? I was (and frankly, I still am).

Seems like although for the most part, in the voting history of the United States, the electoral votes have been cast in accordance with the popular vote. However, depending on the state, there can be rather strict or very loose requirements on the voting practices of the electoral college.

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