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The Green Fighting Irish WON!

Green Fighting Irish Rule!

Green Fighting Irish Rule!

It was a briskly cold night; the temperature dropped to around 40. My feet were numb, but at least there was no wind chill... 🙂

On this memorable evening, the Green Fighting Irish A-team beat the Gold Bandits, 22-0. It doesn't seem possible that they shut them out, but they did... And what an exciting game both the As and Bs played!

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Eli’s Official 2008 Football Photos

Eli's official Green Fighting Irish individual and team photos have just been posted on the Photos Page, under Eli Football - Summer/Fall 2008. Note that you need to be logged in to access the photos.


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New photos

There are some new photos up on the Photos Page. These include a set from regular season football this summer/fall, a set from Eli's football jamboree with the Rochester and Dover Youth Football League teams in late summer, and a set from Samai's birthday celebration at Kyle and Julia's a week ago.

If you are not logged in when accessing the page, you will be prompted to do so.


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It’s Samai’s Birthday!!!

Samai and Dan

Samai and Dan

Today marks the XXth anniversary of Samai's birth... Of course, actual age is withheld to protect the innocent (OK, so I'm not that innocent!).

This day also marks the anniversary of the date that I proposed to Samai.

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New Calendar Features Available

Check out the Calendar

Click the image above to check out the Calendar

Check out the new Calendar page. Here you can navigate through the months to see what events have been scheduled. In the sidebar, there are also two new "widgets" that list both Today's Events (if there are any) as well as Upcoming Events...

Eli's football schedule is now posted in the Calendar. Hover your mouse over an event to see the details.

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