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Test WordPress On Your Hard Drive with XAMPP

While I was performing some extensive WordPress plugin compatibility testing, I was getting frustrated with having to wait for what seemed like an eternity for page refreshes to occur. I did a little Google-ing and found an excellent open-source software package called XAMPP that runs on Windows.

XAMPP screen shot

XAMPP screen shot

It lets you run Apache (a web server program), PHP5 (a server programming language), MySql (a database program), FileZilla (an FTP program), and Mercury (an e-mail server program) on your local hard drive running a 32-bit version of Windows. You can manually start the programs/servers or run them as installed services. Here is a good XAMPP installation tutorial.

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More new photos are posted

Just a quick note here that I have posted the following groups of photos on the Photos Page. Better late than never, I guess:

  • Thanksgiving 2008
  • Michael's 10th Birthday
  • Christmas 2008 at my house
  • Christmas 2008 at Dei's house

Note that viewing the pictures requires a password. If you have it already, great; if you need it there's a link on the photos page to request it.

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Welcome to 2009 – Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year for 2009!

May this year be the best ever of your lives, and may you achieve any and all of your resolutions, whatever they may be (hopefully positive)!

Here are some things I pray/wish for:

  • to see the economy recover
  • to pull out of Iraq completely (and successfully)
  • to have the unemployment rate drop to an all-time low, and
  • in general to see the good ol' USA recover it's position of being a respected super-power in the world once again...

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Upgrade your WordPress Database from MySQL4 to MySQL5

This article saved me a lot of headaches when trying to upgrade my WordPress blog database from MySQL4 to MySQL5:

Restore your WordPress Database From MySQL4 to MySQL5

Follow these easy-to-implement, non-destructive instructions and your blog's posts and pages will load faster than ever. Bye-bye pokey MySQL4!

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One more time: The wedding date has changed

Hopefully, this is the final change in plans...

Samai and I needed to cut some wedding costs, so we decided to cancel the reception at the Dockside in York, ME, and change it to the Great Bay Gallery in Somersworth.

The wedding will be at St. Joseph's Church in Dover at 11:00 AM on Saturday, May 23, 2009, with a reception following at the Great Bay Gallery. We have reserved half of the hall for the whole day so timing shouldn't be an issue, plus it is much closer to the church than York for all travelers.

Hopefully this option will cost us about half as much as originally planned, but will be as much, if not more fun... 😉

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