About Dan's Web Spot

Dan's Web Spot started in 1997 as one of my CS410 Online Network Exploration class assignments, residing on my University of New Hampshire Pubpages web space. Once I finished my Bachelor's Degree credit-based coursework in 2003, UNH deleted my Pubpages account without notice, forcing me to move the site (and refine it some) to my Metrocast web space.

Starting in early 2005, the site was redesigned from the ground up using the WordPress open-source blogging platform, which uses MySQL and PHP. It moved to its current home on the 1and1.com hosting servers, with its own 'official' domain too... 🙂

Although the appearance may be drastically different from that of the early days of Dan's Web Spot, the original site intentions remain unchanged: to share some of the best free software, tools, and web services I've found with my friends, family and other site visitors.

Be sure to check out Cartier Consulting LLC, an affordable computer, networking and web design business based out of seacoast New Hampshire, USA.

If you have general questions or comments, or you find something that appears appears to be broken or non functional, please let us know.