Well, it's now official. At 11:30 AM on Monday June 21, 2010, Elijah officially graduated from the 4th grade at Woodman Park School. He played his trumpet with the Band, and sang with the Chorus too. They sounded great!

Elijah's 4th Grade Graduation Certificate

Elijah's 4th Grade Graduation Certificate

I haven't had time to go through pictures, etc, but I hope to soon. His Mema posted several on Facebook already. I have attached a few of the "official" graduation documents, and even a photo taken during a field trip that Elijah's class took to visit Governor Lynch at the State House. Click on the items to open them...

The graduation was a lot of fun, and afterward, we got to have pizza in Elijah's classroom with him and his classmates. Great job, Woodman Park 4th Graders!

Enjoy your well-deserved summer!

We're very proud of you, Elijah!
Your Peeps

Elijah's Chorus Award 2010 Elijah's Band Achievement Award 2010 Elijah's Class Visits Governor Lynch 2010