What a great season ending! Although we finished in last place (9th), our team rallied to win their first of the double-elimination playoff games last Sunday at 9 AM as the visiting team at Beckwith Field. They played very well against Noonan Construction and won the game with a score of 15-10.

Cal Ripken Baseball

Cal Ripken Baseball

Then it was time for game 2 on Tuesday, June 15th against the #1 team, Morgenous Lawn Care, as the visiting team at Beckwith field. It was such an exciting game, and the kids fought hard until the end. We lost that game, but I admittedly can't remember the exact score because of the excitement and commotion.

Having lost our first of two allowed playoff losses, we went on to play River Bend Pizza, the 5th place team, at Sullivan field on Wednesday, June 16th at 5:30 PM. Again we were the visiting team. The kids managed to maintain a small lead for most of the game and River Bend tied the score, 10-10 in the 5th. In their last at-bat in the 6th, River Bend scored what was their game winning run, to end our playoff season with a score of 11-10.

I am very proud of all the players. It is amazing how much they have improved over the season, as evidenced by their playoff performance. I hope to see many of the kids in the 11-12 year old Cal Ripken League next year, and again hope to coach. It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience!

See you next year!

-Coach Dan