Elijah catching

Elijah catching

Last night, the weather was absolutely perfect for baseball (except for the black flies...). Formax continued their rained-out game against Insurcomm from April 27th at Sullivan Field. They resumed the game at Beckwith, starting with the bottom of the 3rd inning, Formax at bat, with runners on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out, and the score where the game was called was Insurcomm 4, Formax 2.

Formax logoFormax rallied early but Insurcomm pitching prevented Formax from pulling ahead. Elijah caught a pop fly to 3rd for an out, and made a great throw to 1st for another one... Insurcomm won the game, 8-5 (?).

Since the game was over relatively early, a second scrimmage-type game was played afterward. The batting team would go until they had 3 outs or 4 runs, whichever occurred first. In this game, Elijah got to pitch the first inning, play shortstop, and play the catcher's position a couple of innings later. He also had some great fielding, including catching a pop fly to shortstop.

Undoubtedly the best moment of the game came along when Elijah was up to bat. With 2 runners on, and 2 strikes against him, Elijah not only protected the plate, he got a hold of an upper-strike-zone pitch and crushed it out past the right fielder. Both runners scored, and then Elijah did too, making his hit a 3-run homer!

Yaaaaaay! We play again this coming Saturday at Beckwith at 9:00 AM against River Bend Pizza. We are the home team (1st base side). Hope to see you there!