Green vs. Purple

Green vs. Purple

On October 18th, 2009, the Green Fighting Irish hosted the Purple Prowlers for a 2:00 PM game. The weather was not very friendly; 39 degrees and windy, rainy and at times there was even sleet...

The A's played well, but had difficulty stopping the Purple running game and #20. Unfortunately, the Green Fighting Irish were shut out by Purple by a score of 28-0. The Green A team is now 4-2, and is likely to play against Gold in the playoffs next week.

The Green B's scored once during their 12 minutes of Offense. On defense, they allowed two Purple touchdowns, and no extra points. The Purple B team beat Green by a score of 12-6. The Green B team is now 1-4-1.

This coming Wednesday, October 21st, the Blue Outlaws will host the Green Fighting Irish for Green's last regular season game at 6:00 PM. See you there!