Green Fighting Irish

Green Fighting Irish

On Wednesday, October 21, the Blue Outlaws hosted the Green Fighting Irish for a 6:00 PM game. It was the last regular season game for Green.

The Blue Outlaws completed several passes early for significant yardage, and went on to score first. Green answered with a kickoff return for a touchdown, and would go score several more times against Blue, who would not score again. The final score was Green 45, Blue 6, giving the Green Fighting Irish A team a record of 6-2 in regular season play.

The B game was exciting, with Green scoring one touchdown and no extra points on their offensive turn. Blue, however, would go on to score twice during their offensive turn, and would be denied their extra points as well. The final score was Blue 12, Green 6. The Green Fighting Irish B team finished the 2009 season with a 2-5-1 record.

Currently, the Green Fighting Irish are in second place in the 2009 Rochester Youth Football League.

The Green Fighting Irish will compete in the play-offs next week, most likely on Wednesday, October 28th, against the Gold Bandits. The actual team, day and time are yet to be confirmed.