Green Fighting Irish vs. Blue Outlaws

Green Fighting Irish vs. Blue Outlaws

Well it was another shut-out for the Green Fighting Irish against the Blue Outlaws at 2PM today...

The A game score was 42-0, making their record 2-0, and the B game score was tied, 8-8, making their record 1-0-1.

Once again, Elijah had some prime play time that paid off. Late in the 4th quarter of the A game, the coaches for the Blue Outlaws had pulled their A players out and put their B players in. Green had done the same, which put Elijah in at defensive tackle.

It was 4th down for Blue, and they decided to punt. The punt was blocked, and Elijah picked up the still live ball and ran it some 45 yards for a touchdown. It was awesome!

Elijah also made several tackles while in on defense. He even had a chance to run the ball as halfback on offense, and on one play, he almost scored another touchdown, but was brought down just short of the goal line.

Excellent work, Elijah! We're very proud of you!

Next Sunday will be a tough game when the Purple Prowlers host the Green Fighting Irish at 12:00 noon.

I still plan on getting some photos up shortly...