Green Fighting Irish Rule!

Green Fighting Irish Rule!

Well, on Sunday, September 20th, the Purple Prowlers hosted the Green Fighting Irish for a 2:00 PM game.

The A's Gameplay was exciting, with both teams stopping each other, with one exception that allowed Purple to score. It was 4th down and Green was very close to their own end zone. Instead of punting, they decided to go for a 4th and 20 first down, but turned the ball over on downs.

This turnover resulted in a Purple touchdown and 2 point conversion which led them to an 8-0 victory over Green. The Green A team is now 2-1.

The B's game play was just as exciting (of course with Elijah playing!), but some sloppy defense allowed the Purple B team to score and convert twice, leading them to a 16-0 victory over Green. The Green B team is now 1-1-1.

Next Sunday, the Red Devils are hosting the Green Fighting Irish for a 12:00 PM game.