Eli's football photos

Eli's football photos

Just a quick note here that I have posted Eli's last football photos on the Photos Page.

Note to view the pictures I have reverted to a password protected page, so logging-in is no longer necessary. For those of you who have had password access before, it is the same; if you would like access, just send me a quick email by clicking here.

Update 09Mar2009:

If you forgot your existing password, click here to request a new one, or use the link in the sidebar. Just remember that if you send yourself a new password, it will likely be difficult to remember, so make sure to reset the password to one that you want (and can remember) the next time that you log in.

You can also register or login through the sidebar links. If needed, I can always create an account for you and/or set a password for you.

Enjoy the photos... Dan