Green Fighting Irish Rule!

Green Fighting Irish Rule!

It was a briskly cold night; the temperature dropped to around 40. My feet were numb, but at least there was no wind chill... 🙂

On this memorable evening, the Green Fighting Irish A-team beat the Gold Bandits, 22-0. It doesn't seem possible that they shut them out, but they did... And what an exciting game both the As and Bs played!

The B-team got to play a unique format for them. Their typical format is 2 12-minute halves with penalties but no penalty yards, where each team gets the ball for 12 a full minute "half" starting at their 40 yard line. They typically get 4 downs to either get a first down or score, and if they fumble, turn over the ball, or don't make the first down during their 12 minutes, they get the ball back at their own 40 again and start over, 1st and 10...

Instead, they played 4 6-minute quarters, with full penalties, turnovers, and everything the A-team does except for kicking the ball. Unfortunately, they lost their game 6-20, but they still played an outstanding game.

Since the A-team won, the B-team will still get to play another game along with the A game on Sunday against the Black Panthers in the Championship game(s)...

What good games tonight!