Well, the football season is officially over for the Green Fighting Irish. On Sunday, the Black Panthers A team took the Championship from the Green Fighting Irish, 22-0. The Irish B team managed a 14-0 shutout of the Panthers B team in their game.

Some of the 12 year olds will continue the season playing in "pro-bowl" games and such...

Samai and I (as well as I'm sure his Mema, Pepa, and Dad) and are very proud of Eli for really improving overall as a player this year, for his commitment to the sport, and for not complaining, even when it was hot out or he was tired. The most impressive thing was the fact that several coaches made positive comments about Eli, and at different times throughout the season.

Hmmmm, maybe hard work does pay off!

Next year is a new year, and I'm sure we will all be more ready than ever for the season. I'm sure Eli will be bigger, stronger, and faster, maybe even running the ball next year ? Time will tell...

I plan to post some photos from the final games soon.