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Some interesting electoral college facts…

I have often wondered why we need the electoral college in this country.
It seems like an unnecessary step and cost to the taxpayers. Sometimes a state will spend all of its electoral votes on the state's popular vote results, and other times a state may choose to pro-rate their electoral votes depending on the voting percentages of the popular vote.

Confused? I was (and frankly, I still am).

Seems like although for the most part, in the voting history of the United States, the electoral votes have been cast in accordance with the popular vote. However, depending on the state, there can be rather strict or very loose requirements on the voting practices of the electoral college.

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The Green Fighting Irish had a great season…

Well, the football season is officially over for the Green Fighting Irish. On Sunday, the Black Panthers A team took the Championship from the Green Fighting Irish, 22-0. The Irish B team managed a 14-0 shutout of the Panthers B team in their game.

Some of the 12 year olds will continue the season playing in "pro-bowl" games and such...

Samai and I (as well as I'm sure his Mema, Pepa, and Dad) and are very proud of Eli for really improving overall as a player this year, for his commitment to the sport, and for not complaining, even when it was hot out or he was tired. The most impressive thing was the fact that several coaches made positive comments about Eli, and at different times throughout the season.

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The Green Fighting Irish WON!

Green Fighting Irish Rule!

Green Fighting Irish Rule!

It was a briskly cold night; the temperature dropped to around 40. My feet were numb, but at least there was no wind chill... 🙂

On this memorable evening, the Green Fighting Irish A-team beat the Gold Bandits, 22-0. It doesn't seem possible that they shut them out, but they did... And what an exciting game both the As and Bs played!

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Eli’s Official 2008 Football Photos

Eli's official Green Fighting Irish individual and team photos have just been posted on the Photos Page, under Eli Football - Summer/Fall 2008. Note that you need to be logged in to access the photos.


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New photos

There are some new photos up on the Photos Page. These include a set from regular season football this summer/fall, a set from Eli's football jamboree with the Rochester and Dover Youth Football League teams in late summer, and a set from Samai's birthday celebration at Kyle and Julia's a week ago.

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