So I was wondering why all of a sudden I had to refill my new bird feeder on a daily basis. Initially, a refill would last some 4-5 days. Then the squirrels found out about it and the refill frequency dwindled to 2-3 days.

Lately the feeder has been empty each morning. Last night, I happened to flip on the back deck light and peer outside before retiring to bed and noticed a couple of visitors under the bird feeder... rather large visitors, I might add. There were 2 absolutely beautiful does helping themselves to whatever they could, both in and out of the feeder.

At last the mystery is solved, and as far as I can tell, there at least has not been a visit from a bear yet. How do I know? I'm only guessing this because the feeder is still intact and hanging off of the deck.

A few years ago, I lost a bird feeder to a bear. I found the feeder quite damaged, removed from its hanger, dragged some 50 feet over a rock wall in my back yard, and urinated on. There were plenty of bear tracks from the original location to the final resting place of that old feeder. In fact, this story was recently refreshed in my head when I took a load of scrap metal objects to the dump about 4 days ago. One of those objects was that old feeder...